My portfolio includes

Articles and Features

The Independent – Alcohol Without the Hangovers? (Nov 13)
The Independent – A Cinematic Smorgasbord of Interesting Female Characters (Nov 13)
Ixxus – Publishing Predications for 2013 (Jan 13)
The Independent – Lena Dunham’s Girls is a Triumph for Real Nudity (Jan 13)
The Independent – Why Funny Women on Stage is the New Feminist Fightback (Nov 12)
The Independent – Gillette: Not the Best Marketing Can Get (Nov 12)
The Sunday Times (Style Magazine) – R U Mine? (Nov 12)
The Sunday Times (Style Magazine) – The Brit Girls (Nov 12)
The Independent – We Don’t Want to be Your Token Woman (Oct 12)
New Statesman – Is There Still a Place for Women’s Pages? (Oct 12)
The Independent – The Hypocrisy of the Mail’s Fight to Ban Online Porn (Sept 12)
The Independent – Louise’s Best Bits: Just Don’t Menshn the Twitter Wars (Aug 12)
The Independent – Battle of the Buildings: If Those Walls Could Talk… (Jul 12)
Open Democracy (Our Beeb) – Alone, But Not Alone: How Twitter, the Second-Screen and Dimbledancing Have Transformed TV Viewing (Jul 12)
The Independent – Fifty Shades of Porn (Jul 12)
Bad Reputation – In Defence of…Fanfiction (Jul 12)
The Independent – Big Brother Bullying: When Sexual and Physical Abuse are Seen as Entertainment
Birmingham Skeptics – TEDxHousesofParliament (Jun 12)
The Independent – Only 4 in 10? We Should Speak Up About Harassment (May 12)
The Independent – “Gendered Marketing; It’s Not Just for Girls” (Apr 12)
Ixxus – “The Business Case for Enterprise Search” (Sep 11)
Alfresco – “The Second Wave of Unstructured Data” (Aug 11)
Ixxus – “The Business Case for Social Content Management” (Jul 11)
Ixxus – “There’s No Such Thing as Social Media” (Jul 11)
Liberal Conspiracy – “The Lost Generation” (Mar 11)
Skeptic Magazine – “Night Terrors: Sleep Paralysis, Old Hags & Sitting Ghosts” (Sep 09)
The Times (Alpha Mummy Blog) – “On Friendship” (Dec 09) Alternative Link
Directory of York & Leeds – The Walls and Snickelways of York (Aug 09)

Interviews and Reports
Culture Vulture – Get Brainwashed! (Oct 09)
Culture Vulture – Speakers’ Corner: Leeds City of Varieties? (Oct 09)
Culture Vulture – Cherry Kino at Leeds Internation Film Festival (Nov 09)

Reviews and Roundups
LeedsMusicScene – Wildbirds & Peacedrums: The Snake (Aug 09)
LeedsMusicScene – Florence & the Machine: Lungs (Aug 09)
LeedsMusicScene – David Thomas Broughton: Live Review (Sep 09)
LeedsMusicScene – The Miserable Rich: Live Review (Oct 09)
Culture Vulture – Music Roundup (Oct 09)
Culture Vulture – Music Roundup (Nov 09)
Leeds Student Newspaper – contribution (Apr 07)

Politicians as Trains (Aug 10) – received attention on various political blogs inc. Financial Times
A Digital Fairytale: Marble Hornets & the Slenderman Mythos (Jan 10)
Happy Twitterversary (Jan 10)
Rehashing a Hashtag – The Gagging of the Guardian (Oct 09)


4 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Dear Nat,

    I’ve stumbled over your “Gendered Marketing Really Gets on My Tits”-posting and find it to be both very entertaining and informative.

    And I’d hereby like to ask, if you would alllow me to republish this text at zurPolitik.com in a German translation.

    Best greetings from Vienna!

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