Über Mich

punmonger, content-monkey & perennial over-sharer


Hello my name is Natalie. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a Proper Writer & chuck articles at people. I’ve been published on & offline (do we really still differentiate between print & digital?) in The IndependentThe Sunday TimesNew StatesmanSkeptic Magazine & Liberal Conspiracy. I mostly write about feminism, pop culture, politics & the internet.

If you want me to write a thing you can find me at natfguest[at]gmail[dot]com, although you’ll probably get a faster response by tweeting me @unfortunatalie

My day job is in content & marketing; I can mostly be found writing about publishing technology & digital transformation over at Ixxus.

I used to run the BBCQT Tweet-a-long (As featured in The Guardian, The Londonist and TotalPolitics) at Hackney Attic; an evening of politics, twitter and beer, with appearances from comedians and political speakers.  I don’t do that anymore. It was nice though! We had a nice time.

I am interested in: left-field music, left-wing politics, the internet, digital rights, social media, feminism, gender, critical theory, webcomics, fandom, queer space, etymology, wordplay, puns, anomalous psychology, quantum physics, technology, publishing, subculture, alternative comedy,  sleep disorders, mental health, scandinavia, germanic languages, pop culture, pop psychology, pop music, fairweather freeganism, protest tourism, imposter syndrome, cups of tea, buffy the vampire slayer, wine.

I dig: thinking too much, drinking too much and being thoroughly inappropriate in almost all situations.

I can: play the spoons, type at over 100wpm and deliver a lamb.


9 thoughts on “Über Mich

  1. Hi Nat Guest,

    best wishes from a fellow admin-monkey / writer / English graduate – intrigued by your thoughts on Doctor/Master bodyswap thing.

    take care


  2. Hi Loved the critique on DIY erotic drama. I struggled to climax on reading the words alone but had a handy 1965 bra catalogue to hand which helped. I may send you some nonsense of my own. I have O level English grade C BTW so please be kind! Following on Twitter (baa baa), Steve

  3. At the risk of being totally last-century – any chance you can put the address of your RSS feed on here, so I can subscribe?

  4. Awesome blogs, you’ve got a really appealing style! i normally get a bit bored reading blogs but your writing is very entertaining, nice one 😀

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