Edinburgh Fringe: A Beginner’s Diary – DAY THREE

DAY THREE – 09/08/12

I start the day by actually going to my friend Becky’s show; the one I came to Edinburgh to “help out on a bit, oh yeah, I’ll do some flyering, whatever you need!” Guess how that panned out.

Go on, guess.

Crunch the News
Loads of fun. I’m not being partisan; I just genuinely love anything combining comedy, politics and panel games. Natt Tapley does a typically impeccable turn as the repugnant, bulging-eyed Sir Ian Bowler MP; a spoof Tory politician with a penchant for hyperbole and social cleansing. At least, I think it’s a spoof. Also present: Kate Smurthwaite, whose own one woman news-based show I never managed to make it over to SORRY SORRY SORRY, and the wonderful Chella Quint, best known for her Adventures in Menstruating. I will become fairly acquainted with Chella and her wife Sarah throughout the rest of the week, proving along the way how MASSIVELY INCESTUOUS the feministing world is. I mean. Seriously. Everyone knows EVERYONE.

Sidenote: I always enjoy seeing Natt Tapley, as it gives us the chance to do our whole “Hello Natt!” “Hello Nat!” “How are you Natt?” “Fine Nat how are you?” schtick, which LITERALLY NEVER GETS OLD AND WILL NEVER GET OLD EVER, IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME NAME DO YOU SEE?? One day I’ll propose.

Comedy Manifesto
Chaired by the aforementioned Kate Smurthwaite; another panel-based news comedy majigger (did I mention that I love them?) with a rotating cast list. In my notes I write only: “A belligerent Scot being purposefully inflammatory, without bothering to put in any actual jokes”. I don’t catch his name. He was bald and lairy.

Josie Long: Romance and Adventure
I always love Josie’s shows because asjalsjfkasjflaksd. This one’s a corker. THAT IS MY ENTIRE REVIEW. Go and see it.

Pappy’s: Last Show Ever
Given that I didn’t enjoy the podcast show earlier in the week, I go into this feeling ready to be disappointed. I COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. This was, probably, my highlight of the fringe; impeccably practised sketches woven through with a hopelessly bittersweet narrative. I laugh until I cry, and then I just cry.

Another gap in the notes! I go for dinner with the Neuroscientist. He splits the bill 50/50, which I find charmingly egalitarian. I try to explain why I don’t tip after a meal. He tries to explain that he lives in Canada. Later, we make out against a wall.

Barbershopera: The Three Muskateers
I am dragged along to this by the Neuroscientist, who insists that it will be amazing. I am concerned, as I enjoy barber-shop, but dislike opera. It turns out there was nothing to worry about; perfect harmonies, lots of camp pantomime silliness and physical theatre, and a good helping of arch wit. ALSO! SWORDFIGHTING!

Shows seen: 5
People kissed: 1
Haggis count: 0


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