In Self-Promoting News…

Two bits of irritating self-plugging!

(NB self-plugging; WORST. SEX ACT. EVER???)

1. I was on BBC 5 Live last night talking about gendered marketing on Men’s Hour. You can listen to it here for the next week. My first radio experience; it was good fun, everyone was very lovely and I managed to not vomit live on air. Listen from 38 minutes in, unless you enjoy hearing people drone on about cricket.

My favourite bit is “You’re a woman… seemingly.”

2. I’ve just announced the lineup for the next BBCQT Watchalong! This month we’ve got uber-blogger and political editor Sunny Hundal (@sunny_hundal), leader of the Pirate Party UK Loz Kaye (@lozkaye), and badass protest-singer Grace Petrie (@gracepetrie). Her song ‘Farewell to Welfare’ makes me well up every time.

You can grab tickets here


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