More From Our Favourite Book

Obviously none of the other chapters of ‘The Sexual Labyrinth’ could possibly ever reach the dizzying heights and abnormal lows of chapter 1.  But there’s still a couple of stonking kernels tucked away in there.  This is my other favourite paragraph, from chapter 2, ‘The Pirate’.

“We started to make love again, naked this time, and beginning by slowly sucking each other.  He was extremely tender and refined during the foreplay, but became more radical during the act itself, abandoning himself totally this time to the violence of his desire, and pumping me with strong thrusts of the hips, with no thought to my pleasure, which came anyway, so savagely and with such force that it was accompanied by retching.”


By the by, it’s been pointed out that the text is available from Amazon for just a penny (plus postage).

I thought I was getting a good deal when I spent £2 on the thing. Turns out I was ripped off. Learn from my mistakes.


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