Here is a 5-minute poem I wrote on the joys & pitfalls of being an INTP (Myers-Briggs typology test)


If I have to spend time with non-INTPs
I’m much more forgiving of Fs than of Es
I don’t mind Fs making decisions with feeling
But I can’t get on board with this social free-wheeling

They don’t understand how it is that I’m prone
To spend countless hours simply sitting alone
While the F finds it hard that my methods are clinical
The E cannot stand that I’m so goshdarned cynical

I tell them it’s just I require solid proof
To help on my quest towards some kind of truth
Then they tell me I’m being too shitting pragmatic
Well, I’d rather have that than be over-dramatic

I prefer more to think than to actually do
And I’m often distracted by the shiny and new
Sometimes people find I don’t do what they ask
I’m sorry! I’m P! I can’t finish a


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