#BBCQT Drinking Game Rules

Drink when:

  • Dimbles is wearing an amazing tie
  • Dimbles stumbles over the words ‘twitter’, ‘tweeting’, ‘hashtag’ or ‘Dimblebot’
  • The cuts are blamed on the “shameful state the previous government left us in”, or the words ‘deficit’, ‘inherited’ or ‘13 years’ are used
  • Two fingers if the audience groans in response to these buzzwords
  • Any reference to the coalition as an arranged/gay marriage
  • Dimbles refers to member of the audience by the wrong gender
  • Dimbles refers to an audience member as “You there in the spectacles, yes you”
  • Dimbles refers to an audience member as “You there in the spectacles, no not you, in the row behind, yes you”
  • The phrase “LET US BE CLEAR” is used
  • The economy is compared to household finance
  • Female panellist says ‘as a woman…’
  • Audience member says “as a mother”
  • Female panellist is talked over
  • Obvious Daily Mail reader is obvious
  • Fists are used to bang on a table to emphasise a point
    • (2 fingers if end of finger is used)
  • The phrase “Guardian Readers”, “wet liberals” or “liberal thinking”  is used
    • 2 fingers if the audience then cheer.
  • Sighting of HPN (Hot Political Nerd) in audience
    • Two fingers if @mrchrisaddison then tweets about them
  • Sighting of audience member wearing tweed jacket/bow-tie combo (BOW TIES ARE COOL!)
  • #bbcqt trends on twitter
  • The name of one of the panellists trends on twitter
  • A panellist tweets during the show’s recording
  • Something is blamed on meddling from Europe
    • Two fingers if the point has nothing to do with Europe
  • Audience member mentions “MPs expenses – it’s one rule for us and one rule for them!”
  • Panelist refers to benefits system/NHS as “getting things for free” or similar
  • The BBC license fee is referred to as a “tax”
  • If people who normally attend drinking game are in the audience and appear on screen
  • And finally: if the Question Time music is playing, you are drinking.

7 thoughts on “#BBCQT Drinking Game Rules

    1. More than it will do anyway? Like you said it’s normally going to be about bad things that have happened during the week so you’ll just have to push past that. The problem is that a lot of the general rules won’t apply to this episode and there’ll be a lot of non-drinking time which just seems like a waste to me.

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