National Poetry Day

Here we are again! AS IF. I did a post on this LAST year.  Well, here’s my offering for the day. Unfortunately this is, quite accurately, what it is inside my head quite a lot of the time (particularly 10am and 3pm weekdays).

Sensory Defensiveness

Common symptoms of sensory defensiveness include intolerance of high-pitched noises, intolerance of chewing sounds, intolerance of overhead lights (especially fluorescent lighting); experiencing a feeling of being attacked upon being touched (especially from light touch or sudden touch); intolerance of certain types of fabrics in contact with the skin; intolerance of pointy objects or objects jetting towards the eyes; becoming nauseated upon smelling something that does not smell bad to neurotypical individuals; difficulty maintaining eye-contact; severe intolerance of foods due to taste, texture, or temperature; and generally becoming overwhelmed when exposed to a lot of sensory stimuli at once – Wikipedia

i hate it the most WHEN
it is EXACTLY 10am
the slavering, the slobbering, the
chunks of chuffing CHEW
OH if you knew
the time i’ve spent resenting how your
food and spit’s cementing & the
anger’s left fermenting in my browwwwwwwww

& ohGOD, i’ve kept a FILE on
your every bit of BILE, & the
time it takes each day for you to swallow.
& i never COULD admit. just how
SICK i am of IT, for i fear the
thought’s too much for you to FOLLOW.

every DAY and to the MINUTE
off you go again, you gannet, with the
food sprayed once more past your parted lips.
& i won’t succumb to murder – though
you’re only a co-worker – but for
GOD’S sake, must it everytime be CRISPS?!


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