Goodbye Leeds

I am leaving Leeds next week to move back home to Cleobury with my family. It’s taken a lot of months to decide this, as I wasn’t sure whether it was a step backwards, but in the end I’m just fed up of drifting around Leeds in a fog of neverending glumbum. I’ve got a new job in Brum (Online PR & Copywriting, which I think might be, like, a PROPER role? PRPR) so a while at home will give me a chance to be more supported, wipe out my debt and hopefully build up some savings, as well as finally get some job experience outside of the riveting world of medical admin. Woo!

Vague future plans after that probably involve London, but that’s not something I’m thinking much about at the moment. Everyone ends up there in the end!

It’s going to be quite interesting going back to living in the country now that I have the eyes of a city-dweller, so expect blogs on lambing, chickens and brass bands. My little sister’s getting two goat kids (Minstrel & Twiglet) this month too so that should be good fun. I have an idea for a novel (yes, I know, because that’s gone so well in the past…) so perhaps we’ll see that come to fruition finally.

My feelings on leaving Leeds are pretty mixed, but here are some things I will miss (inc.some things that are already long gone, I’m not being particularly temporally fussy):
The Brudenell, Hyde Park in the Summer, Balti King, Kirkstall Abbey and the miniature railway, Holy Trinity Church, pub quizzes at The Chemic, Idioteque, Let’s be Friends, The Common Place, Suck My Left One, Icecream, the roof garden at LGI, Retro Boutique, Popina’s breakfasts, Pop&pop&pop, Brainwash Festival, Pizzicano, 24 hour supermarkets, takeaway past 11pm, house parties, The Packhorse, sitting on the roof outside Alex’s room, dancing, impromptu gaths, karoake at The Bridge, Unity Day, various squats (notably the one on Cardigan Rd & the Ladyfest squat), Hyde Park Picture House, the Film Festival, the Christkindelmarkt, iceskating in Millennium Sq, Rocky Horror every September, skip-trawling in July, Poverty Aid, I’m outside can you let me in, snow plough, Being John Molecricketch, seperating the men from the boys, chinholder-dinnertime, staying up too late, Chestnut/ Mayville/ Cardy, having a nice time.

Many thanks to all those that I have loved here, including those that I have lost along the way.


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