As I was celebrating National Poetry Day today on twitter I wrote a twitter-themed ditty which I place here for posterity.

Actually it’s on a subject that I’ve been meaning to blog about for ages – i.e. the action of twittercynics dismissing the medium being, in essence, as retarded as if you were to diss the telephone.  YES, you can have an inane and pointless conversation over the telephone. But that is not the telephone itself’s fault.

It’s that knee-jerky, “I read this in an article today by someone else who clearly also did not get twitter and they said people only tweet about what they’re having for lunch so now I am going to parrot this view at you (even though you, unbeknownst to me, read that article too and can actually tell I am just quoting it at you verbatim, because it, like all news, was passed around the twittersphere days and days ago)”, that is so irritating.  But I won’t go on, because to be honest it’s been overblogged a little slash a lot.  So you get a crapoem instead and I will have done with the subject.


Do you know who I find bitter?
It’s those people who hate twitter.
They say that it’s no use
That its users are obtuse –
If only they had known
It could be used to write a poem!
It could be used to find a job
(If you need some extra bob)
It could be used to make new friends
Or to quite innumerable ends!
It’s not the anonymity
that’s important; nor technology
It’s what you use it FOR
If you’re bored – then you’re a bore.

This poem is dedicated to my good friend Matt.  Unfortunately you cannot follow him on twitter.  Guess why.


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