Two bits of exciting “writing” news:

1) The Times are going to publish my piece on friendship on one of their timesonline blogs.  It’ll be on their Alpha Mummy blog (if you know me you will know how amusing this idea is, child-sceptic as I am), I’m not sure when, I will whack the link up when they put it up!

2) The amazing Skeptic Magazine UK (Editorial Advisory board inc. Stephen Fry, Derren Brown, Richard Wiseman, Robin Ince, Richard Dawkins, Simon Singh, Tim Minchin) are going to publish my piece on sleep paralysis in their online articles. ACTUAL squee (even though I still can’t abide the sk- spelling as opposed to sc-). They’ve asked me to not put it up here til it’s up there, which should be in October sometime, to coincide with the editor Prof. Chris French’s appearance on The One Show to talk about the phenomenon (note to self, watch on iPlayer).

Summary: All things considered, being a freelance “writer” is going okay!


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